Erik (sarastro) wrote,


"Nothing interesting ever happens anymore to this guy. What a loser."

Jeez I'm sick.

"For 3 months?"

Cut me some slack. I'm a busy guy.

"Too busy to pay attention to me, hrmph"

Ok, ok, Journal. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It will never happen again.

"I don't believe you."

Well, good. I wasn't being serious! Sheesh, I've been reduced to talking to my journal. Anyway, I still do interesting things on occasion. Let's see, I'm hosting movies here at I-House and I showed "Mulholland Drive" last night. That sparked a good deal of conversation over the dinner table. Most people now agree with the basic plot premise of jealous lesbian killing lover then killing self then dreaming it all. However, we didn't get consensus on all those little issues like: "What's up with the box?" and "Who's that hairy dude anyway?". Maybe it's me, but I LOVE David Lynch. I'm not going to marry him, as I'm not gay, but I'll certainly masturbate to his movies in homage. Or maybe not...but I can't help but shiver in pleasure whenever I see an Eraserhead hairdo or little people dancing.

Anyway, other interesting things: got my heart broken a couple weeks back and I'm pondering giving it all up to go act...or maybe write. Well, nahhh...maybe AFTER I get my PhD.
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