Erik (sarastro) wrote,

Getting my groove on

Hi there,
Erik just took a personality quiz at called What Would Your Superpower Be? Here's what we told him:

"Super Dance Moves "
In that funky realm of the Flipside Super Universe, we see you shakin' it. We see you shakin' it goooooood. Perhaps that doesn't sound like a superpower, but think about it: in an emergency, you could render an evildoer motionless and silent with your hypnotic moves. Or even better, you could get him to finally feel the all-pervading groove of Good, until he finally joined you in dancing the Evil away. Sounds like a Super Party!
Think we're super wrong? Take the quiz again!

31% of other people who took the quiz got the same evaluation.

This may or may not be news to you, but your friend felt the need to tell you about it. If you want to know what we think... we think that your friend thinks that you need your OWN answer to the question "What Would Your Superpower Be?" And hey, who doesn't?
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