Erik (sarastro) wrote,

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan

I saw this film last night. It was your average soft-core, kung-fu, male-bashing flick.

Plot: Kidnappers sell host of women to brothel to become prostitutes. The heroine of the film constantly fights her captors, so she is humiliated and beaten. She is finally drugged/bound and raped by 4 men on her "first night of work." Enter mute ninja boy with his own tortured past. Mute ninja boy tries to help woman, but ends up brutally murdered in the escape scene. Heroine chooses to live for revenge, becoming the lesbian lover of the brothel owner, who teaches heroine kung-fu. A few months go by and heroine becomes "elite escort." The 4 men start dying one by one, but the frustrated police captain, who's normally right on the scene during the murders, can't get enough proof to book the courtesan. A lot of blood, swordplay and fighting later, almost everybody is dead and the movie ends.

But before you wonder why I sat through this movie, I have to tell you I saw it at the Pacific Film Archive. So it's art!
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