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27 February
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I am better than I was at time A. I am worse than I was at time B. I think my identity is best defined by my lack of One.
alcohol, anime, baseball, basketball, bay area, beauty, beethoven, behavioral economics, being excellent, bruce campbell, bruce campbellee, bruce lee, bruce leeroy, cal bears, california, capoeira, change, chillin, chivalric love, chivalry, clarity, classic rock, coleridge, confused thinking, dating, diamond industry, dire straits, doggie style, drinking, drinking water, economics, enlightenment, epiphany, family, fencing, flirting, frank sinatra, full-contact fighting, george gordon, golden state warriors, graduate school, green, greg bear, gsi, gung fu, history, illin, iq tests, jailhouse rock, janis joplin, japanese anime, jazz, jimi hendrix, justice, karaoke, kung fu, leonardo da vinci, life is beautiful, light-contact fighting, lord byron, love, loyalty, magic, many other things, martial arts, martial arts tournaments, massage therapy, middle ages, mixed martial arts, mozart, multiple personality syndrome, native american songs, navajo, ncaa, netmeeting, no holds barred, one-inch punches, opera, partying on, philosophy, phone sex, pillow talk, poetry, procrastination, psychology, rat pack, reading fiction, research, reservoir dogs, respect, richard marcinko, robert jordan, rock and roll, romantic poetry, romantic poets, samuel taylor coleridge, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, sarcasm, sex, shots, sinatra, sioux, sir richard francis burton, sopranos, southern rock, stanley kubrick, ta, tae kwon do, the diamond industry, the last dragon, the magic flute, true friendship, true love, truth, uc, ufc, ultimate truth, val kilmer, water, working out, writing fiction

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