Erik (sarastro) wrote,

Monkey Business

Rally monkey or no...THE GIANTS ARE LEADING THE WORLD SERIES!, I've only seen them there once in my lifetime and they stunk that series

But I still remember those teams: Kevin Mitchell, Will "The Thrill" Clark, Jose Uribe, Candy Maldonado and, of course, Chili Davis. I spent a decade of my life playing bball and my entire life as a Giants fan. Much of my emotional demeanor has been linked to how well they've played. We've had our ups and we've had our downs. But, ever since the Giants have moved to SF, they have never won it all. Now they're right there in the thick of it. If they can find a way to win against a tough Angels team, then we'll be on Cloud 9.

Additionally, midterms are over. This has added to my general good mood. I actually have time to sleep! It's quite a novel concept, if I do say so myself. Recently, I've been hooked on a Warcraft III, which is definitely not a good thing. Argh, I need something(body) to force me to study each day. if I could only invent THAT...then I could make millions...
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