Erik (sarastro) wrote,

A Random Encounter

Thank you for that smile, dear,
That warmed me to the core.
Thank you for that brief glance,
Your eyes I did adore.

I walked west down Durant
As you were walking east.
If eyes had stomachs too,
To them you’d be a feast.

My hands were in my sweater,
As gray as gray can be.
You glanced at me and smiled.
What sweet epiphany!

This may have meant nothing
To you, mademoiselle,
For me, a door was opened.
Thank you again, farewell.
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Very sweet! :)
Where's my manners? I must have been sleeping when I first saw this. Or I should just pay more attention to my journal rather than treating it like a forlorn pet.

My apologies.
That's lovely, truly...
Compliments are always nice. Thanks