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To think or not to think

How do you know if you’re spending too much time on the computer?

Well, out of the 300,000 Americans who die prematurely each year due to obesity, there might be a few who spent too much. Obesity levels have been on the rise since at least 78, according to survey data, but there has been a significant push upwards that started in the early 90’s. Perhaps Americans became more inactive with the advent and social assimilation of the TV, but has the Internet had an even larger influence?

It would be near impossible to calculate, but since obesity levels continue to surge upwards, it’s something I think about. Perhaps the most impact of the Internet has been on groups who were not watching much TV. I certainly haven’t heard of any significant decreases in the amount of TV watched.

In any event, I’m in fine physical shape. My worries about too much computer time revolve around my mental shape. I find myself getting stuck into routines, going to the same sites and not stimulating my brain as I could be. I realize that there is a lot of interesting information out there, but I, for whatever reason, tend to apply the same mindless TV-watching mentality to the Internet. Is there a cure?
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